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We are Drinkster


Keep it real! At Drinkster we sell real products. Come for the ride with us and enjoy an adventure of discovery. Let’s face it, when you walk into a large bottle shop, owned by a large company, it all turns out to be a bit of a mirage. You first think there is huge amount of choice, but once you look a bit closer, only a handful of producers are represented (usually the large companies that have a lot of different labels). And other labels you look at, once you look a bit deeper, they are just made up stories…. Products that have been made up by the retailers that are selling them.

Drinkster is a new way to buy your favourite drop and be rewarded along the way. You will have access to beverages you won’t see in the bottle shops – sure we will stock some favourites, but you will also get the chance to try things that you just can’t easily get your hands on anywhere else. Think of some of those small independent wineries, and craft breweries making fantastic products, but just not getting the exposure they deserve. These are the products we want you to have on your table!

Come for the ride at Drinkster and enjoy real products with real substance.

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